Tuxedos & Formal Wear

Perfect for Galas and Black Tie Events

When an evening calls for formal wear, one must not disappoint. You must balance classic style with your desired level of individuality. This balance is not found easily but is one that we specialize in here at Don Morphy.
Whether you have a gala, charity event, or social engagement to attend, a custom tuxedo with the authentic Don Morphy Fit will make sure that you make a strong, lasting impression on the other guests.

Black Tie

When the invitation calls for black tie, the fit of your tuxedo will be what makes the strongest statement. Add your own personal touches for a one-of-a-kind look.
Velvet Single Breasted Tuxedo
Velvet Tuxedo
Black Single Button Tuxedo
Single Button Tuxedo
White Tuxedo from Don Morphy
White Tuxedo
Single button with satin lapel tuxedo
Classic Black Tuxedo


Command respect before you first open your mouth when you have a well-tailored outfit at any gala. A Don does a lot of things; blending into the crowd is not one of them.
Navy, Black & Silver Tie Tuxedo Suit
Custom Navy Tuxedo
Black Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit
Double Breasted Black Tuxedo
Black Double Breasted Suit
Custom Black Double Breasted Tuxedo
Black Single Button Long Jacket Suit
Morning Coat Tuxedo

Dinner Jackets

As the saying goes, "There are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets." These are the latter. Pair with a shaken martini to complete the look.
Champagne Single Breasted Jacket
Custom Champagne Jacket
Silver Single Button Jacket
Custom Silver Jacket
Dinner Jacket by Don Morphy
Custom Green Jacket
Purple Single Breasted Jacket
Custom Purple Jacket