Made-to-Measure Suits

The Perfect Suit for Any Occasion

Every single made-to-measure suit is completely bespoke to the user. That is the truth of every single Don Morphy suit. Whether you are wanting a classic navy suit or something a bit more bold, the Don Morphy team will be with you for every step of the way.
There are many options out there for a custom suit but, no experience is as tailored to you as a Don Morphy experience. Lasers and the newest technology cannot replace the eyes and hands of an experienced designer & tailor.

Business Suits

A Don always handles his business. These suits are designed to embody the character of the wearer day-to-day.
don morphy blue business suit
Blue Plaid Suit
Don Morphy gray Business Suit
Grey Suit
Don Morphy teal Business Suit
Teal Plaid Suit
Don Morphy gray business jacket
Gray Plaid Jacket with Blue Pants

Casual Suits

When living your life, you should live your style to the fullest. A casual suit is the perfect way to express yourself in any setting.
Casual blue Blazer
Blue Plaid Blazer
don morphy casual red blazer
Red Plaid Blazer
don morphy casual plaid blazer
Blue & Gray Blazer
don morphy casual green blazer
Dark Green Blazer

Lifestyle Suits

Whether it be a social event or simply a social setting, living the lifestyle of a Don means doing it in style.
Don Morhpy brown jacket
Brown Jacket with Cream Pants
don morphy green jacket
Olive Green Jacket
Don Morphy Casual Suit
Gingham Jacket with Black Pants
don morphy blue jacket
Blue Jacket