Don Morphy Shoes

Italy has long been the epicenter of the world of fashion. Sophisticated craftsmanship, an eye for beautiful designs that are timeless, and the unrelenting pursuit of high-quality materials, make Italy the greatest shoe producing country in the world. These skills which have been passed down from one generation to another, allow our factory to create comfortable and stylish footwear that will last a lifetime.

After a year-long search for the most renowned shoemakers in the world, we fortuitously found ourselves in Naples, where we began a fruitful relationship with the Napolitano factory that expertly crafts each pair of Don Morphy shoes. Although initially hesitant to work with inexperienced shoe designers, the factory quickly fell in love with our passion for luxury footwear and desire to fill the needs of a global market.

Our shoes are Blake stitched, a superior construction method that yields numerous benefits, including maximum sole flexibility for exceptional comfort, a sleek and fashionable aesthetic, and ease of re-soling for years of wear. Made using the highest-quality Italian calfskin leather, our shoes easily surpass our competitors in terms of quality and design. But perhaps what makes our footwear so breathtaking is the hand-painted finish. Each pair of Don Morphy shoe is painted by a skilled Napolitano artisan to create a truly remarkable and unique finishing effect that turns heads.