Our fabric inventory is selected and updated to offer a newly stylish and fashion forward look. Most of our products are made of precious fiber, such as cashmere, virgin wool, cotton, and silk… Always with an incomparable French and Italian touch. Our tailors import fabrics directly from England, France, and Italy.

The most common suit cloth is made from 100% wool. Suits made of cotton, linen, cashmere, and silk are also common. Less expensive suits are often made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics. Exotic (expensive) cloth, such as lambs wool or vicuna are also available. Suit cloth may be a blend of two or three of these different types of material, which gives the cloth the benefits of each of the blended materials. There are an infinite number of variations on the market. Inexpensive suits are made of polyester, but beware of even more expensive suits that are made from polyester or a polyester blend (often euphemistically called wool blends). For a classic all-season business suit, seek wool or wool and cashmere blends. Cotton, silk, and linen are typically reserved for warmer months. Corduroy, flannel, and tweed suits are typically colder weather suiting. For shirts, 100% cotton is generally most desirable. Polyester, while wrinkle resistant, will not last as long as cotton.

Suiting Mills


Only the noblest materials provide the results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name. It is the hard work and relentless innovation of the experienced and dedicated workforce that continues to impress and produce good, honest cloth.


For 170 years, The House of Dormeuil has developed timeless and iconic fabrics. Today Dormeuil fits comfortably into the world of contemporary luxury, pioneering innovative cloths using the worlds finest and rarest natural fibers.


Since 1920, for four generations, the Ariston family has been at the helm of the company. Their passion for fabrics, competence, and tradition are blended to family atmosphere to create the exclusive Ariston collection.

Shirting Mills

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason fabrics, inspired by the collections of Silverline and Goldline, also include the seasonal collections which still represent the benchmark for lovers of British taste.


Working since 1925, Canclini has earned its position as a reference point for quality, styling, service, research, and innovation in the production of Italian shirting.

Cotonificio Albini

Today, the Albini group is under the guidance if the fifth generation of the founder family. With four brands and collection of more than 20,000 fabric variations, Albini fabrics combine a unique, creative, and innovative vision to quality yarns and particularly fine counts.

Suiting Types



Camel Hair


Lambs Wool


Merino Wool


Silk and Wool Blend