The Don Morphy Team

Meet the faces of the brand.

Name - Job Title

Daniel Mofor

Founder & Lead Designer

Daniel Mofor is the visionary founder behind Don Morphy, a Dallas-based custom menswear label with the ultimate in global appeal. With a knack for innovation and creative individuality, Mofor quickly set style’s standards and has broken numerous barriers a long the way. Mofor, personally and professionally, is the antithesis to tradition. Embracing unconventionality, he ventured from life as a Walmart software engineer to life as a budding trendsetter. A brave yet challenging move, Don Morphy reached international heights, and is now becoming the most recognizable name in the world of men’s fashion.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys photography, running, and spending time with his wife and kids.

Daniel started Don Morphy in 2014.
Sonya - President/COO

Sonya Mofor


Sonya is the link between the world and the Don Morphy brand. She takes great pride, and believes in this brand so much that she makes it a point to make every person she encounters a fellow believer. Her goal is to 'Morph every person into a Don’ and to create a once in a lifetime experience for Don Morphy clients.

Sonya enjoys spending time with family and socializing with fellow fashionistas in Dallas. She is a foodie and loves traveling and trying new restaurants.

As Daniel's sister, Sonya has been by his side since the beginning.
Nicolas - Sr. Outreach Coordinator

Serge Dibao


For 11 years now, I have applied the consultative experience garnered through Strategic consulting and product development experience to commandeer a grassroots showcase of numerous organizations innovative solutions and processes.

I always believe in leveraging my holistic skills in Agile methodology, Design Thinking and Product development to effectively contribute to business productivity methodologies that promote growth and sustainability. As a keen supporter of entrepreneurial initiatives, since 2007 I have helped catapult the establishment and refinement of over 120 companies across the globe.

On a personal level, I thrive in philanthropic actions with a particular incline towards the Deaf community. As a lover of arts and motivational speaker, I have always demonstrated an acumen to “turn mediocrity into Opportunity”.

Serge joined the team in January 2017.

Nicolas - Sr. Outreach Coordinator

Nicolas Long

Sr. Outreach Coordinator

As a native Texan, born and raised in south-east Fort Worth, Nicolas fell in love with fashion when he was only a teenager. Inspired by a group of PTA parents who gifted Nicolas with a suit for his Senior Prom, Nicolas quickly developed a deep passion for philanthropic work. This passion stuck with him through college, leading him to seek out the Don Morphy label after receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Marketing. Nicolas is now responsible for the vision and strategy of Don Morphy’s philanthropic initiative “Pay It Forward” among other charitable efforts.

Pay It Forward offers under-served young men in the DFW Metroplex the opportunity to receive customized suits and accessories for their Senior Prom. Over 2 years later, Nicolas provides support to our Don Morphy leadership team and is happy spending his days paying it forward to well-deserving young men like himself.

Nicolas joined the team in January 2019.
Levi - Creative Manager

Levi Mireles

Creative Manager

Levi Mireles is an artist, creative innovator, and a skillful designer with years of education, research, and industry experience.
Levi studied and received advanced training in Merchandising and Design with a concentration in Fashion Design at Wade College.
At Don Morphy, he leads and produces professional design work for top clients. He helps create, manage, and lead numerous design processes, as well as aid with collaborative celebrity clients for garment design and product packaging development. Levi seeks to share his experience and utilize his design skills and passion to propel and excel team collaboration, enhance customer and client relations, and deliver high impact creative design explications for top clients and customers.

Levi enjoys visual arts and painting. He is an active person, and enjoys working out, biking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Levi joined the Don Morphy team in August 2019.