Blue Plaid Jacket & Pink Jacket + Blue Pants


Don Morphy Pricing

The Cost of Custom Suits and Menswear

While the cost of any suit, tuxedo, or other menswear item does depend on the options and fabrics chosen, the below prices provide a meaningful understanding of the baseline pricing for Don Morphy.

During your consultation, the designer will walk you through what each choice could mean for the final price of the item(s).

don morphy green business suit
Custom SuitFrom $999
don moprhy casual suit with custom shirt
Custom ShirtFrom $179
don morphy casual suit with custom slacks
Custom SlacksFrom $299
don morphy casual jacket
Custom Suit JacketFrom $799
don morphy custom overcoat
Custom OvercoatFrom $899
don moprhy tuxedos
Custom TuxedoFrom $999