Regional Partner Program

Become a partner of our brand.

About Don Morphy

We are a bespoke proprietor of handmade suits that are made to measure and custom tailored by our own trusted suit-makers.

We take pride in the clothes we make.

  • Don Morphy is not a product, not an outfit, not a label. Don Morphy is an idea.
  • Don Morphy is a statement that all men make to enhance their lives and livelihood.
  • Don Morphy is you taking control over your own image.
  • Don Morphy is a sworn testament to who you are.
  • Your statement is your brand, let Don Morphy help you define it.

More Revenue, No Cost

  • Discover new customers and create a reputation + increase your sales and grow your business.
  • Develop your client list, bring recurring income to your store.
  • Earn profit, and become known for the work you do.
  • Make yourself known, become an influence in the custom clothier business.

How We Progress

  • Call & interview with us, so that we know we are a fit.
    More revenue for you at no cost to you!
  • Let us know your capabilities as a tailor, so that we know you are a good fit.
  • Talk to us about your goals, so that we can help you both achieve them and exceed them.

Marketing – we will do it all. We send you the clients, and you do what tailors do best – just take the measurements!

Work – our customers are your customers too! They like their clothes to fit just right. Position your services and convert them into paying clients.

Exclusive Territory – our brand is active in a 30-40 mile radius from you.

Joining the Don Morphy Regional Partner Program is free. Sign up and you will instantly have access to our regional referral program.

For more information on Don Morphy’s Regional Partner Program, please submit your information below or contact our Account Manager, Ashley, via email at or by phone at 214.775.0860.

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