Shirt Customization

At Don Morphy, we begin with the cloth, which we source from the best cloth mills in Italy, England, and Spain. We’ve made a selection of a few hundred cloths that we’ve purchased in bulk to keep at the factory, which provides a quicker service and allows us to price it more aggressively. We help clients pick their cloth from hundreds of shirting options. While most choose based on colors and patterns they’re looking to add to their wardrobe, we’re happy to assist in the decision making process by discussing all elements that affect choice, such as the cloth mill, texture, weave, thread count, pattern, color, budget, and others.


          Design Your Own         

 Next we take measurements, assess body type, and discuss fit. Idiosyncrasies, such as posture and shoulder slope, are taken into account to help create the client profile, which will later be turned into a pattern for that individual. We complete the order by going over all the customization options we make available, including collars, cuffs, plackets, pockets, and more. There are literally thousands of combinations possible, but we don’t offer options for options sake. Our collar collection, for example, has been carefully designed and curated to provide outstanding and wearable options for our clients. We make the process quick and enjoyable by consulting on what options best suit the needs of the wearer. Each shirt is a unique commission, and we want the client to be as excited to wear it as we are to make it.

Our shirt tailoring facility is located in Napoli, and has been creating the best in custom shirts for several decades. Orders arrive digitally to the pattern room, where a patternmaker turns the client’s measurements, fit preferences, customizations, and other details, into a CAD-generated pattern. The pattern is printed and laid out over the cloth chosen by the client. With the pattern on the cloth, it’s ready to be cut, which is done entirely by hand.

 As the shirt proceeds through production to sewing and eventually quality control, we take care to use the best materials, techniques, and technology to make a world-class product. One area we take seriously is the collar and cuff, where we use only German-made interlinings to create collars and cuffs that are substantial yet soft and comfortable. They maintain a great shape without feeling stiff, and they won’t bubble or pucker over time.


- 20 Collar styles

- 14 Cuff styles

- 3 Pocket styles

- 2 Placket options

- 2 Back pleat styles

- 2 Yoke styles

- 36 button 'cross stitch' color options

- 7 Monogram designs

- Monogram by machine or hand sewn

- 5 Monogram placement options

- 36 Monogram color choices

- Contrasting collars

- Contrasting cuffs


Every shirt includes these features:

- German interlinings

- Double stacked buttons

- Single needle stitching

- Hand sewn side gussets

- Removable collar stays

- Your monogram (Optional)


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